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    Every member of foreverghana is a member of the forum and therefore can post freely! We want to hear from you regarding what you like about the site and the issues you are facing and this will enable us grow and move smoothly as a community!
    2 Posts, 4258 Views last post: by Azar Awuni
    11-01-2013 11:59
  • Hot Topics

    News, Announcements, and all juicy topics
    5 Posts, 1105 Views last post: by arlen burg
    16-02-2013 04:52


  • Ghana Politics

    Political Junkies, discuss Ghana Politics here. NDC, NPP, CPP,NCP, PCP, all the Political Parties and all others
    2 Posts, 1500 Views last post: by arlen burg
    16-02-2013 04:57


  • Soccer

    Soccer fans, discuss all your soccer news, questions and topics in this room.
    6 Posts, 1321 Views last post: by McCandle Lamptey
    15-05-2013 04:37
  • Basketball

    Basketball fans this is your room so post your opinions here!
    0 Posts, 1065 Views no post
  • Other Sports

    If you love any sports at all, this is your room.
    2 Posts, 968 Views last post: by MAARS Ghana
    18-07-2013 06:49


  • Ghanaian Musicians

    Post anything about your favorite Ghanaian Musicians.
    4 Posts, 912 Views last post: by Taiwo Steve
    19-04-2013 02:19
  • Celebrity News

    Are you a fan of Yvonne Nelson, Van Vicker, Jackie Appiah, John Dumelo, Yvonne Okoro and the whole lot of great actors we have in Ghana? Share any articles, stories or juicy stuff you have on them right here with us.
    1 Posts, 894 Views last post: by hajar osumanu
    22-09-2012 08:10
  • Jokes

    Share all your jokes in this forum
    1 Posts, 415 Views last post: by Kweku Korllegge
    20-03-2012 11:15


  • Computers

    Computer lovers post latest news on computers, questions and general ideas.
    0 Posts, 374 Views no post
  • Internet

    Internet junkies post any questions and general ideas.
    1 Posts, 347 Views last post: by Otis Oteng
    06-05-2012 04:20
  • Phones

    Latest on Smart Phones and Questions
    0 Posts, 301 Views no post